About Us


Mahalo Massage NYC engages in conversation through therapeutic touch.  We look, listen and feel how the body is held to gain insight to the issues expressed.  This is not just a treatment of the symptom of pain but an opportunity to address the root cause for effective results.  We strive to encourage the development of mind-body connection to promote self-healing and awareness.  Benefits include a chance to practice a new way of being.  This is self-empowerment through an integration of the self.



A native of NYC Bob is familiar with the stresses of the city and the toll it can take on one’s mental health and physical body.  Her long time interest in meditation, body movement/mechanics and many years of receiving bodywork inform her work as a massage therapist.  Bob graduated from the Swedish Institute of Health and Sciences, obtaining her NYS license to practice in 2007.  Establishing Mahalo Massage NYC in 2010, Bob is committed to and passionate about massage - helping her clients get in touch with themselves to promote the self-healing of their mind and body.  Mahalo


A licensed massage therapist with over 20 years experience to guide her customized therapeutic massage sessions.  Also a graduate of the Swedish Institute in NYC and Hastings College of Arts and Technology in England, she is committed to expanding her knowledge of techniques through continuing education.  She is certified in Prenatal massage and takes great joy in working with expectant and new mothers. 


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